Thursday, 16 February 2012

Evaluate yourself.

Here I am in the middle of night typing something which eventually came up my mind. Seconds ago i was by myself watching this sitcom Scrubs which i get them from my sister. The stories about intern were way on their on call period. It’s a tough time though before getting the title doctors for real.

While I am comfortably lays down concentrating on the story path, one of the character Dr Cox said to an intern, John Dorian *his name really gets me laughing by only hearing it! ^^, or famously known as JD, that we should not run to others and try to listen on their opinion about us or seek for others’ evaluation on ourselves. On how good we are. Or even how suck we are.
Every each person has his own specialty and bad. We should accept for who we really are. It’s a kind of gift which makes each of us different and unique. Sometimes we should spend some times and evaluate ourselves whether we are good enough or not. Always be honest to ourselves. Then by that we can actually really sees what’s needed to be put in urgent tray or not.

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