Friday, 22 November 2013

Post Finale Syndroms!


Its been quite a long time since I write. Awkwardness arouse all over me. And yeah. Im writing in English. This is all due to my precious-lovey-dovey Personal Statement.
Pheww.. >: |

Quite a hard work needed there.

Got no idea on how to continue my essay. About me. How to portray myself as a bright determined youth all set to go for a battle of degree.

“Pick me! Pick me!”

As if I can actually hears my PS shouting out for attention from the admission officer.

Oh Allah.. what have I rambled..haha..bear with me.
This what happened when u are centuries away from your last writing activity and now u have to squeeze your brain for a so called brilliant-creative-yet-interesting-personal-statement.

And for extra info : Im currently in my sem break.. after a hectic 3rd semester and it was like a blink of eye period. First I registered and a second later, I’ve already finish my last paper for final.

Funny isn’t it?

Now, Imma in a middle of applying to UK universities..please pray for me guys!
Lets make our best and be one of amazing Islam’s ambassador!


till then ; from my super-spontaneous-short-entry!
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