Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Dream oh dream..Public Relation..

First of all..assalamualaikum sume…! Da lme gler x update blog terchenta nie..haha..so jenguk la skali skale update ckit..

Past few days, sume batch 7 elaven bz duk isi borang upu..maklum laa..bekobar2 nak msuk u..ak pon skali laa..hehe..

Dalam pilih kos tu..ak pon excited skali laa kan..haha..then ak letak laa asasi bahasa inggeris sebagai fez choice..konon2 nak jd PR laa satu hari nanti.. a successful PR..
Well..bila ak mention ak punye dream nak jd PR…sume akan give this kind of response.. “PR??ape tu?” emmm…is it me whose the one with anonymous dream career or that kind of job doesn’t well known by public??

Hmmm..x kesah laa..haha..ak ciap surveywww.jobstreetmalaysia ag,,haha..betapa bersemangatnyee ak..nie pon lecturer kat UTP yg gtau..mse mjlis perasmian temuduga kemasukan ke UTP intake januari 2012..ak da story mory sal nie dalam post *cikit sebanyak sal tips interview for university intake..

So.. i’ve made up my mind..ak nak speaking laa skit..tunjuk skil..haha..*juz kidding!! So..let’s begin..but!!mintak maaf awal2 kalu my English ad yg rongak grammar!!hahaha..

PR..talking ‘bout this career..me myself doesn’t know well about it either..not much different from others i suppose..it all started back to the time when i firstly bought my ‘confession of a shophaholic ‘ series..the main character named Rebecca Bloomwood..her family and friends called her Becky..she works at a magazine’s company..as a PR..the company publish magazine about share or stock, finance, economy, mortgage and so on..well..basically about money..or how to make money..and how to spend money in a wise ways..so let’s make it short..it will be boring babbling about too many things..haha..when i read this story..i kinda fall in love with the career..well..it doesn’t describe the career in details..but reading the story somehow gave me pictures of how awesome life as a PR would be..

I start collecting the shophaholic series since i’m in form three..when i’m in form four..i starts involving myself in debate at school..in primary school i’ve joined the public speaking..in kindergarten i’ve  represent my kindergarten in a story telling competition..hehe..i relly enjoy telling stories!!
In form 5 i’ve join a exhibition..i-ENVEX..i had being selected as the representor..actually it is a competition..refer to *i-ENVEX~a piece of art..( ^^,)v

So straight to the main point for today..PR stands for Public Relation..a career which a person needs to be a speaker..or a representor on introducing something..to be a PR..a person needs to take the communication course..there is also media and communication course..which me  myself wasn’t even sure what’s the between between them but i think media and communication course is a course for people who intend to be a journalist..some people said that to be a good PR we need to be patient enough to deal with many kind of people with different attitude..sure enough it would be tough career..but it seems that i already fall in love with it..
So i hope one day i would be a successful PR..

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